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I chose to follow the classic Greek structure of 3 sections for this book : Historical, Didactic, and Polemic, or as I’m naming these section pertinent to the subject of Vaccination Myth : ‘Historical’, ‘Medical’, and ‘Political’.  This is Modelled after the structure of Goethe’s treatise called ‘Theory of Colours’, as well as The Dynamic Legacy – Hahnemann / From Homeopathy to Heilkunst by Rudolf Verspoor and Steven Decker.  This originated from the Ancient Greek culture’s way of coming to know a subject by exploring at all three of these levels, in order to completely flesh out the understanding of the topic from these perspectives. While Goethe’s treatise followed the sequence of : Didactic, Polemic, Historical, this book will slightly vary the sequence to : Historic, Didactic, and Polemic, as did the ‘Dynamic Legacy’; this particular sequence lends itself better to the nature of this subject matter, as it is the historical and philosophical foundation which helps to make sense of the controversial elements within the vaccination debate.

The content on this website will likewise follow this structure, and the reader may choose to delve into any one of these according to their own special interests and needs.  Here I will be able to do what is not possible in a printed book – I will interlink pages and concepts back and forth in order to create a truly enriched experience and non-linear way of exploring the material.

There is much energy funnelled into unproductive heat within the vaccination debate, and one of my higher goals in creating this book and website is to expand and deepen the terms of this debate in order to allow for a more grounded and rational approach, for those individuals who are interested in exploring this area in new ways.  Ultimately, all of this is aimed at helping the parent who is seeking a clearer rational basis for making these health decisions for their family.